Celebrities who fell in love on set

Celebrities who fell in love on set

People often find love in strange places and celebrities are no different. Sometimes people fall in love while they are working together because they spend quiet a bit of time in the same space.

You can not choose who you are attracted to and these celebrities are living proof that love hits you when you least expect it.

Here are some of the celebrities who fell in love on set.

Nomzamo Mbatha & Maps

This genetically gifted duo starred in a movie together and they have been dating ever since. They tried hiding their relationship in the beginning but it looks like they have officially come out of the closet with their love.

Atandwa & Fikile Kani

These two met and fell in love when they were filming Its Complicated, the pair quickly got engaged weeks later.

Psyfo & Hulisani

Child stars, Psyfo & Hulisani met on the set of YOTV when they were both children & the pair have been dating ever since.

Blue Mbombo & K2

These two met when they both contestants on Big Brother Mzansi, and for the longest time, they were one of our favourite celebrity couples when they were still together.

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