Cici – Iqiniso (Truth)

Singer Cici releases a new song detailing her alledged abuse.

Singer Cici recently released a new single titled Iqiniso (Truth) in which she pours her heart out and expresses the pain of disappointment and heartbreak following leaving a relationship.

Despite hogging headlines after she revealed that she was a victim of alleged abuse, the singer insists that the song is not only about that part of her life.

Cici told TshisaLIVE she knew that people would be able to relate to the song because nobody is immune to pain and heartbreak.

“I felt that in life we’ve all gone through pain and heartbreak. And sometimes all we want is for the other person to say that they are sorry and mean [it] so we are able to find [peace]. The topic addressed in the song is quite universal which is why I feel so many individuals can identify,” she said.

Cici’s latest single has a slower, more mellow tempo compared to the upbeat songs like Runaway that she has become known for. The singer shared that although she won’t be changing her sound, she would be embracing new elements like singing in her home language of isiZulu.

“Look at me, look at what you’ve done. I guess you’ll say it ain’t your fault. You’re just sorry you got caught. Why you gotta do me so wrong,” are some of the lyrics in her latest single.

The singer explained to TshisaLIVE that she used the song as an outlet of expression for what she was going through.

“The writing of the song was really just a way of expressing the emotions I was going through. It was a process of trying to let go of the pain,anger and disappointment,” she said.

Cici said she is hoping to release an album soon and that although she isn’t quite performance ready following her operation, she is hoping to be able to hit the stage soon.

“At this moment still waiting for the doctors to give me the go-ahead. I’m still healing, it’s a journey in itself,” she said.

Take a listen and enjoy the song.

DOWNLOAD Cici – Iqiniso (Truth)



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