Lady Zamar – My Baby

Listen to a new one from off Lady Zamar’s Album. The track is titled “My Baby”.

With lady Zamar‘s “King Zamar“ album still blazing off the shelves; one stunning lyric poem to a special person off that project of musical art is titled “My Baby”. we’ve got been feeling the stunning atmosphere and sensation of this piece and thought to share as a weekend tonic.

“My Baby” may be a powerful love-inspired ballad that carries the ever gracious and celestial vocals of woman Zamar. we tend to aren’t even making an attempt to be biased because the album packs different stunners together.

However, on “My Baby”, Lady Zamar wears her heart on her sleeves as she pours out her want for the opposite. True love is wonderful and can’t be quantified; however however this one feels very large. we tend to square measure positive lovebirds can score more room by slippy “My Baby” into his or her DM.

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