YG has landed in legal trouble again


YG has arrived in a bad position once more. The rapper is confronting a lawful offense burglary allegation for purportedly grabbing a person’s chain off his neck at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.

The occurrence occurred in May. YG was available in a Vegas court on Thursday after a warrant was issued for his capture. He handed himself over after he found out about it. YG was hit with lawful offense burglary and has since been discharged subsequent to posting $20k safeguard. The episode occurred around 4 AM, after a man moved toward YG and requested a photograph yet was dismissed by his group. TMZ reports that the person revealed to YG he’s not a genuine celeb and as per the gambling club’s observation film, YG struck back by playing on a good humor off his neck.

The chain is as far as anyone knows esteemed at $3,000 and $9,000. The affirmed casualty is likewise suing YG for $250k, asserting he had his goons beat him up before he grabbed his gems.

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